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Royal Jelly

People are becoming more and more health conscious these days. The primary reason for this is the kind of sedentary lives that we are forced to live in the current day and age. Add to this the pressures of a high strung life and it is only logical for people to realise the requirements and needs of their bodies. There are many ways through which health can be maintained with the foremost being just plain exercise. However, the area is not as basic as it may seem to a common man. There are all types of natural products and supplements that have become popular amongst the populace only on the basis of hearsay and preliminary experiments. One of these is the royal jelly. It has been slowly taking over the natural supplement product market all over the world, owing primarily to its tremendous and well documented successes. So what is royal jelly? What is it composed of? What are its benefits? Where is it obtained? These are just some of the questions that need to be answered before any person decides to use these supplements. The following are the answers.

What is Royal jelly?

Royal jelly is the secretion of honey bees which is used as a nutrient source for honey bee larvae and more importantly honey bee queens. It is secreted by glands in the worker bees’ heads and subsequently fed to each and every larva in the colony of bees. Notably, the chambers of prospective queen bees are filled with this substance in order to facilitate their growth.

What is it composed of?

This substance is known for containing all the major nutrients that a human needs in the right amounts. It contains water, protein, sugars, fats, vitamins, salts and even free amino acids. It can usually be found in the form of pills and tablets.

What are its benefits?

Although nothing has been proven conclusively by scientists experimenting on this product, preliminary experiments are extremely positive. This substance is known to be able to influence a person’s immune system, growth of neural stem cells, level of cholesterol in the body, external infections and general tissue healing. Find out more about royal jelly benefits.

Where is it obtained?

It is cultivated by apiaries across the world. The substance is cultivated from queen larvae chambers through the use of detachable frame hives. The substance is usually found to be extremely expensive mainly because of the fact that the output of this substance from a competently handled hive is only about half a kilo in over five months.

Royal jelly is one of the most coveted natural supplements known in the world today because of its value and rarity. However, it should be noted that some internet websites do offer this as one of their products.

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