Bee Royal Jelly

Everything you need to know about Bee Royal Jelly


Cancer is a deadly disease that has still grasped the world in its fear. People suffering from cancer may be treated by radiation or chemo therapies. But, their effects are so harmful to the body that patients never recover fully from the effects. People have been trying to find out natural treatments as an alternative to these harsh methodologies. Royal jelly has been a boon in disguise. Worker bees produce this jelly for the growth of the queen bee. It is a white gelatinous substance. It is composed of sugar, water, lipid, and protein. Some other beneficial constituents are also present.

So, we already know that royal jelly has many health benefits, but is it also in any way beneficial for those who have cancer? Though no long-term resesearch, that would confirm or reject the positive effects of royal jelly on patients with cancer, was ever conducted, there were several separate studies done, that show promising results.

According to research in Japan, mice with cancer lived longer when feed with royal jelly

A lot of research has been done on Royal Jelly to discover its potential health benefits. Researchers in Japan had fed some mice in their laboratory with Royal Jelly. It was a landmark result that was obtained. All mice had cancel cells transplanted in them, then the group was split in two. For the next sixteen weeks one half of the group had a normal diet and the other half was fed royal jelly as a supplement to their diet. Results have shown that mice which were fed with Royal jelly lived longer compared to the mice that did not have Royal Jelly included in their diet.

The tumors in their body reduced to negligible sizes and the cancer cells were almost gone. Many such experiments have been carried out and similar results have been obtained every time. Tests need to be conducted on humans for the ultimate proof. Another study was conducted in one of the Japan universities. This test brought out some important results to the forefront. MC-7 cells are responsible for breast cancer in humans. BPA is a particular estrogen that increases the formation of these cells. BPA is Bisphenol A. Royal Jelly stopped this activity and didn’t allow increase of such cells.

A survey has shown its positive effects on human health

People got curious about Royal Jelly and found a better way of conducting tests on humans. The number of beekeepers suffering from cancer was surveyed. It was distinctly proven that the number of beekeepers dying due to cancer were much less than the number of ordinary people dying from cancer. The plain and simple reason being the beekeepers consume much more Royal jelly than the ordinary population. It also helps in preventing formation of tumor and cancer. Some people point out its not only the Royal jelly which helps fight cancer but also the pollen, bee poison etc. Further research, that would confirm or reject the claims that royal jelly benefits our health, should be done in a controled environment where subjects would receive regular intakes of royal jelly without including any other bee products in their diet.

Other health properties of this amazing bee substance

Other research studies have shown that it also reduces the side effects of chemo therapy or radiation therapy in patients. The immune system is affected the most in these kinds of therapies. There are good cells and bad cells in a human body. It destroys bad cells and assists creation of good cells and generates new cells by helping the immune system to reconstruct itself. Another resarch has shwon that it eliminated free radicals which are harmful to the body. The lipid fraction that is found in Royal Jelly can prevent the formation of tumors and ultimately cancer. It has amino acids in it which destroys attacking microbes and protects the immunity system from further damage.

What should be done next?

Though a lot of research has been done on this subject there is still some questions left to be answered and much more clinical testing should be conducted, before we can safely assume that royal jelly has any direct effects on our health. One should always follow advice from his / her doctor and specialists, as royal jelly may be considered only as an additive to your diet and not in any way a replacement for medical treatment.

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