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Cardiovascular Diseases

Royal Jelly Can Strike Off Cardiovascular Diseases From Your Life Entirely!

With changing lifestyle of human beings in this fast and hectic life, many diseases are posing as potent threats to humans. Cardiovascular diseases come pretty early in the list of dangerous diseases. Once a person is affected by a cardiovascular disease, it becomes difficult for him to return to the normal daily activities of his life. Though cardiovascular activities are common only in the aged group but their possibility cannot be completely eradicated from the other age groups as its occurrence has been reported among many young adults as well these days.

Cardiovascular diseases result due to high triglyceride levels and high fats in the human body. Researchers were trying hard to find natural treatments for this kind of deadly diseases and finally in the era of 1980, New York became the first city to boast about its exemplary research on Royal Jelly. The St. Mary hospital in New York was successful in proving that Royal Jelly could decrease the lipid level which is one of the main causes of cardiovascular diseases.

Now, Royal Jelly is given as a food supplement to patients suffering from cardio vascular diseases. It lowers down blood fats. It has significant effect on Stenocardia Bouts. Patients reported that regular consumption of Royal Jelly reduced their pain in a shorter span of time. Beside triglyceride and blood fats, another common reason for cardiovascular diseases is high blood pressure.

So, it was necessary to keep this parameter in control to fight the disease. Royal Jelly again has helped in this area too and has the ability to lower blood pressure level to acceptable limits. If you are already thirty years of age then take care of your health and start consuming royal jelly today. It can not only fight the diseases but it can prevent the occurrence of the disease too thereby giving you and your health complete protection well in advance.

Doctors recommend that 20 mg of Royal Jelly if consumed every two days helps in improving the over all health of a human being. A study was conducted on people aged between seventy and seventy five and the above result was found out. It increased appetite, hemoglobin and RBC count thereby reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.

Royal Jelly has a good amount of vitamins and minerals. It is especially rich in vitamin B complexes like B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. One of these Vitamin B complexes, pantothenic acid converts to coenzyme A. This coenzyme A then metabolizes various constituents that may pose a risk to the heart.

These constituents are fats and carbohydrates which if not metabolized will lead to formation of blockages in the heart or any other form of cardiovascular disease. It can also regularize the rate of heartbeat and other cardiovascular functions. It can increase white blood cell production whose numbers are generally decreased in coronary heart diseases. However, in final analysis, it can be said that Royal Jelly does more good than harm and can help to live healthy lifestyle, if taken in a disciplined manner.

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