Bee Royal Jelly

Everything you need to know about Bee Royal Jelly


It is a true and now a well known fact that Royal Jelly has effects on impotence in men. It can affect the prostate gland of the male which is the main sexual gland. It increases the permeability of the vein. It also can also relax urethra compression. In many countries Royal Jelly is promoted as a sexual tonic. Impotency is not uncommon. It can affect people who have heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure or are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes.

The other causes may be ageing, hormonal imbalances, psychological problems and lack of a proper diet. Impotency is not incurable. If you do not want to consume antibiotics then go for natural products like Royal Jelly. Don’t think that you are the first person who will use it. The Chinese and the Korean researchers and therapists have used Royal Jelly to treat different diseases including impotency.

A study was conducted on male rates to confirm the effects of Royal Jelly. A certain percentage of rats were fed with water containing hydrogen peroxide. Another percentage of rates were fed with water containing hydrogen peroxide and Royal Jelly simultaneously. The rats which had only hydrogen peroxide in their drinking water showed a significant decrease in their sperm count and glutathione level.

Abnormal sperms were also noticed. But in case of rats fed with hydrogen peroxide and Royal Jelly there was an increase in sperm count, glutathione levels, testosterone hormone and testicular weight. Abnormal sperm counts were almost negligible. Male rats which were only fed with Royal Jelly showed a marked increase in sperm count, glutathione levels, testosterone hormone etc. Thus if Royal Jelly could improve the potency in rats, it can do so in case of human beings too.

Royal Jelly also increases the libido and imagination. It will provide you with new vigor and energy at the time of sexual activity. A lot of stamina is required during the sexual activity and Royal Jelly can provide this stamina. You cannot have sex if you are fatigued. Royal Jelly eradicates fatigue and you will feel re-energized. It nourishes the sexual glands of the male body.

Royal Jelly has a number of hormones that are required by the body to carry out the sexual procedure. It can curb sexual dysfunctions. Vitamin C aids in sperm production and Royal Jelly contains Vitamin C. Royal Jelly promotes positive feelings and reduces stress. These factors will help the normal functioning of the male sex organ. Men will be able to maintain the erection for a longer span of time which is essential during an intercourse. Royal Jelly is found dipped in honey or in the form of freeze dried capsules. Just include them in their daily diet and you will fill the difference yourself.

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